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The Ultimate Guide To Sobriety

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2020

The First Year of Sobriety...

"This shit can be messy on a day to day, but I will tell you every day of Sobriety is a gift, and I am beyond thrilled to have made a choice to live life without alcohol."

You need someone who's been there, gets it and knows how to have fun without drinking so you can get on with your life! 

Are you ready to ROCK your first year sober??? If yes, get your copy...

Read the Ultimate Guide to Sobriety: What to Expect Your First Year Sober so you can confidently side-step alcohol's deadly grip and maintain sobriety.

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What's stopping you from GETTING SOBER FOREVER?

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2020

What's stopping you from getting sober forever?

Have you ever asked yourself that before?

Are you stuck on the continuous cycle of a toxic relationship with alcohol? 

It's ok if you are, but it's time to take a deep dive and figure out what's the threat to your sobriety!  

Take the quiz below.


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My number ONE belief in my Sobriety

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2020
I woke up today 3,000 days, Alcohol-Free, and I'm super proud of myself as anyone should be on their own journey.
I wanted to share one belief I have used since the start, and it must be shared.
Since day one, I have used this and keep with the mindset every day...
I have believed in myself every day since I started my sober journey. Every day has not been perfect, but I had kept the belief in myself when others didn't, that I could do one more day sober, and I kept going knowing that alcohol would never solve anything of my problems but add to them.
Believe in YOU every day of your journey because you are worth it. 
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National Sober Day

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2020

When I founded National sober Day back in winter of 2019, I really wanted to create a holiday that could celebrate Sobreity and add more awareness to the terrible disease of addiction. 

Here is what I wrote for the National Calendar Company for this amazing holiday.


National Sober Day on September 14th encourages us to celebrate Sober life and bring awareness to addiction. The entire day focuses on showing support for anyone living in sobriety. Not only that, but the observance sets a standard for the whole world that being sober is okay. Show your friends and family on the road to recovery by spending the day sober as well.

Ideally scheduled during National Recovery Month, the day supports removing the stigma associated with addiction. It opens the lines of communication that lead to better understanding. The day provides an opportunity to build educated support networks. It also strengthens existing ones. When systems are paved with an aware, loving,...

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8 Tips to Help You Stay Sober

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2020

In 2020 I celebrated my eight years of sobriety! On August 18th, 2020, I had a little party for myself, covid safe, of course.  I love this day and think that you should celebrate your sobriety, but it's that much sweeter on your sober birthday.

Every year I am humbled on this day. 

To see where my life was to where my life is now is a complete 180.  

 The one change I made to my life compounded into the life I have always wanted.

 As each year passes, I continue to learn and grow as a person.  I love it.

Even in the year 2020, when the world was so heavy, I remained SOBER. 

I even hit another huge milestone of making it 3,000 Days Sober.

 So to celebrate sobriety and in the hopes of spreading it further, I wanted to share my top eight tips with you that have helped me in my recovery journey this far.


This journey is not comfortable, but one that is so worth it. 

Here are 8 tips to stay sober for my 8th sobriety birthday!

  1. ...
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The Importance of Exercise In Sobriety

Uncategorized Aug 03, 2020

Let’s face it, drinking alcohol isn’t doing you any favors. It’s shortening your life expectancy, causing stress on your vital organs, and let’s not forget about the uncomfortable hangovers. There are a number of factors alcohol plays on your body that cause long-term health problems. These range from dependency, to cancer, to damage to your major organs like your heart and liver just to name a few! 

Getting healthy is one of the biggest “why”s I see in wanting to get sober. 

Going sober is going to drastically change how you’re physically (and mentally) feeling on a daily basis. Finding a new exercise you enjoy doing is especially important now that you’ve given up the bottle to help take your mind off of it and to help you from relapsing, too.

Don’t worry about doing the ‘right’ workout. You can start as simple as walking the block, some basic yoga or pilates, or up it to your comfortability level....

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10 changes to help reduce your anxiety in Sobriety

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2020

Hey Friend!

I'm sure you may have some anxiety in early sobriety or years after!

It's healthy, and it's ok. 

We spend so many years drinking to cover the anxiety that we don't have any other ways to cope and deal. You may also start to realize you were always an anxious person and trace this back to childhood. 

Millions suffer from it.

These subtle shifts have helped me reduce my anxiety in my sobriety!


Download your Free 30 Day Sober Not Boring Calendar!


Ten changes to help reduce your anxiety in Sobriety

1) Daily Meditation

2) Exercise daily- 30 minute walks help!

3) Drink water

4) Limit social media usage, and this includes morning time

5) Make your bed each morning

6) Journal

7) Practice gratitude

8) Find the strength to say NO

9) Recite positive mantras

10) Do not drink ALCOHOL 


Pick two today and start doing and then keep adding on each day.

Watch how good you start to feel within a week. 

I hope this helps you today!


Click here...

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20 Affirmations for Sobriety

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2020

Hey, Friend!

Are you are in a little funk currently because you are feeling stuck in your Sobriety/Recovery journey.

I get it. 

I've been on this road for eight years and have gone through being stuck, lows of self-doubt, and needing pep talks daily.

When I discovered the practice of daily affirmations, things started to change for me when it came to what story I was telling myself. I started my training a few years back, and I began to feel lighter and free.  I believe in the power of positive self-talk. 

Affirmations help! 

I know you may be thinking how can this help me and how uncomfortable this will feel, but they HELP.  Affirmations start to rewire your brain and give you that pep talk that you need.  They truly change your mindset and help you gain confidence. 

Sobriety and recovery are work, and this is part of it. 

REBUILDING YOU is crucial to building your solid foundation in this journey.

I put together twenty powerful affirmations...

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Sober Vibes Feature! Congrats Courtney!

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2020

Sober Vibes Feature

Here is the fantastic Courtney sending the Sober Vibes since 4/30/18...

"I take beautiful pictures of my family and post them with pride....look at my beautiful family!! Look at my beautiful home! Just keep looking at those things...and don't look at me...because if you would look at me, you would see a broken, selfish, lost alcoholic...If you would've asked me two years ago if this was possible, I would've laughed in your face...but I'm here, and I'm a perfect example of how you CAN beat this, recovery IS day at a time."

Keep kicking ass and inspiring others in your recovery!


Image may contain: 2 people, eyeglasses and closeup, text that says '2 Years Ago Now'
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Sober Vibes Feature! Congrats Gabi!

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2020

Sober VIbes Feature-

Here is the strong Gabi sending the Sober Vibes since 1/13/11...

"Today, I've been sober for nine years.
Over the last nine years, my life has Continuously changed - like clay.
Taken from the very bottom & molded into something beautiful.

Sobriety has been very kind to me: forgiveness, marriage, kids, travels, college degrees, friendship, family. But most importantly, peace.

I am not perfect.
I am not the poster child for sobriety.
I am just... doing the best I can.
One day at a time.

If you're struggling- know that there is an army of people who want to see you succeed. Reach out. Your life is worth it.

Thanks for nine years on the sunny side of the street."

Congrats to you! Keep inspiring and kicking ass in your journey.

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