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15 Spring Mocktails

mocktails Apr 11, 2020

15 Spring and Summer Mocktails

Is it just me or are you craving a summer getaway this early into the year, too? One of my favorite ways to spoil myself in the summer is with an icy beverage - virgin style. Since I'm cooped up inside waiting for summer, I decided to dip my toe into the mocktail waters and try some fancy virgin cocktails - just for fun!

Many of these mocktails focus on serving the original cocktail virgin style which is great for serving for any party or special occasion. My favorite part about mixing mocktails is putting my own twist on classic recipes and including freshly brewed sparkling water!

Sparkling water is my go-to for adding excitement to any drink. 

Grab yourself a few tall glasses and pour a fancy alcohol-free drink and get your fancy on:


Don't forget about the ice!


15 Virgin Spins on Classic Cocktails

Mimosa Mocktail

Simple, fresh orange juice is perfect for a brunch or morning pick-me-up drink!

Cucumber Collins


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