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Sober Vibes Feature! Congrats Hannah!

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2020

Here is the beautiful Hannah sending the sober since 12/31/18...

“365 days. To you, that may be a number. To me, it is everything. It’s the day my life started over. It’s a second chance. It’s a reminder that I am enough.

It’s the day I chose ME.

Recovery: It’s hard.

It’s a constant looming in the back of my head. It’s going to rehab, taking what I learned and using it. It’s a choice I make every time I get paid. It’s a right turn into my therapist’s office instead of a left turn towards my old dealer. It’s another person removed from my life. It’s reaching out to those who can help. It’s every moment of everyday kind of thing. Recovery: It’s the best. It’s a fresh start every morning. It’s cuddling my baby instead of sitting alone on the bathroom floor. It’s taking my grandma out to lunch. It’s working with people I love. It’s watching The Office with my...

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10 Mantras for Sobriety

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

Hey, Friend!

Are you are in a little funk currently because you are feeling stuck in your Sobriety journey.

I get it. 

I've been on this road for over seven years and have gone through being stuck, lows of self-doubt, and needing pep talks daily.

When I discovered the practice of daily mantras, things started to change for me when it came to what story I was telling myself. I started my training a few years back, and I began to feel lighter and free.  I believe in the power of positive self-talk. 

Mantras help! 

I know you may be thinking how can this help me and how uncomfortable this will feel, but they HELP.  Mantras start to rewire your brain and give you that pep talk that you need.  They truly change your mindset and help you gain confidence. 

Sobriety and recovery are work, and this is part of it. 

REBUILDING YOU is crucial to building your solid foundation in this journey.

I put together ten powerful mantras I have heard or have come...

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Sober Vibes Feature! Congrats Mary.

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

Here is the awesome Mary sending the Sober Vibes since 2/5/17...

“Today, I celebrate THREE YEARS of freedom from alcohol. Everything in my life is exponentially better than I could ever have imagined.

This Naked Mind by Annie Grace changed how I think about alcohol and taught me that I never HAVE to drink alcohol ever again. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is even a little curious about living a life free of alcohol.

There are many incredible sober IG accounts that I follow that provide insight and encouragement. @teedoodler is my favorite. His posts always give me something to think about.

A few of my other IG favorites are @courtney___andersen @sobergirlsociety @1000hoursdry @1000hoursdry_sf @boozeless @thisnakedmind

And finally, I think it’s important to point out that there is not one single negative thing about not drinking. Not an only thing.”

Happy 3rd Birthday! Keep kicking ass and inspiring others along your journey.

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Sober Vibes Feature! Congrats Christy.

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2020

Here is the beautiful Christy sending the Sober Vibes since..1/20/2018!

“Since quitting drinking two years ago, I knew my life would get better. I didn’t realize how much. It’s truly been amazing. I damaged so many relationships when I was drinking, especially my family. I never showed up on time, and when I did, it was in my state. It’s not that I didn’t care. I was such a slave to my disease and the bottle. Having removed that component, I’ve been showing up, even on-time, and I’m able to be present with my family and closest friends. I’m living my life with sobriety above everything else because if I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t have family, friends, or work. It works if you work it. The steps show through your actions. You get to live the promises. One day at a time.”

A slave to the bottle, so true! Congrats on your sobriety. Keep kicking ass and inspiring others along the way.

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Sober Vibes Feature! Congrats Shawna.

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2020

Here is the fantastic Shawna sending the Sober Vibes since 1/9/16!

“By the grace of God today, I’m sober!

I started my drinking at age 16 but wasn’t a full-blown alcoholic till I was 31 yrs old. I’ve been in and out of rehabs and institutions for the last 13yrs with no hopes insight, after numerous relapses and a 3rd felony DUI I went to treatment the last time in 2016 when I decided I was sick and tired of going to jail and just not being healthy! So that’s when my life changed.

It took me to SURRENDER completely and take 100% responsibility in all my actions that I FINALLY started to get sober and STAY sober!

Life has been challenging with its ups and downs and the wild and crazy emotions that come with sobriety dealing with them feelings. But dealing with them sober is the only way.

I thank God every day for giving me the most beautiful gift of sobriety!”

Congrats friend, keep inspiring and kicking ass in your recovery!

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Sober Vibes Feature! Congrats Terra.

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2020

Here is the beautiful Terra sending the Sober Vibes since 10/16/18!

"Super grateful for these days of sober living! Working the 12 steps, my sponsor, meetings, staying connected to my higher power, and sharing my story to help others has had an immense impact on my life! I couldn't of imagined living a life without alcohol, and now I couldn't imagine a life with it. Every day I'm reminded of the gift that has been given to me and continues to grow mentally and spiritually alongside some amazing people in sobriety! We can do this one day at a time!"

Amazing. Keep kicking ass and inspiring others along your journey.

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How To Survive The First 30 Days of Sobriety

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2020

So, you decided to participate in the trending Dry January this 2020 to kick off your best year ever. Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon this post in the future and you’ve decided to call off your relationship with alcohol once and for all. Either way, welcome to recovery, my friend!

Some of my hardest days of being sober were in the first 30 days of getting sober. But I’m so glad I started and haven’t looked back in years. 

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and a whole 3 months to form a lifestyle. So while the first 30 days are crucial to setting the tone for your recovery, know that there’s a lot more to go. And that’s a good thing! A sober lifestyle is the most amazing choice I’ve ever made. 

The first thing you need to realize is that it’s not going to be easy. You’re going to fight battles that you’ve been avoiding for far too long and battling yourself about “needing” to get a drink. And...

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Sober Vibes Feature! Congrats Marnie.

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2020

Here is the awesome @marnieraec sending the Sober Vibes since 4/2003!

"I got sober 17+ years ago after a particularly bad night at my children's elementary school auction. The kind of bad night that ends in a conversation with your husband that consists of "if you do not fix this problem, I' mm taking the kids and leaving"." The good news about this terrible night is that before I even had a conversation with my husband, I already knew I was done. I went to bed that night, knowing that was the last time I was drinking. The conversation with my husband the next morning just reinforced it.

I approached a friend at school the next day, and I knew she did not drink, I was not sure why, but I had a sneaking suspicion. That woman ended up taking me to my first AA meeting, and she was my sponsor for many years. I am forever grateful to her and the people in those rooms.

I haven't attended a meeting in many many years but have remained sober because those feelings of misery, shame, and...

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5 Reasons To Quit Drinking Alcohol Right Now!

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2020

Welcome to another day on the journey to recovery from alcohol. In case you’ve been thinking about putting off your sobriety until tomorrow, or Monday, or next year, I’m here to tell you why NOW is the right time to quit drinking.

There’s a load of benefits to getting sober and the top 5 are probably different for everyone. Alcohol affects many lives in many different ways and there’s no single right reason why you should be sober. If you’ve been curious about getting sober, that’s the first step into saying, “NO.” 


1.Health (Physical And Mental)

Dropping the bottle habit has been linked to tons of success stories of people who got sober and got fit. If you’re looking to drop a few pounds this, quitting drinking is bound to help you shed a few just because of the sheer amount of calories in a single drink or shot of liquor. 

On top of the physical health benefits to sobriety, there’s also great long-term...

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Sober Vibes Feature! Congrats Sara.

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2020

Here is the wonderful Sara sending the sober vibes since 12/29/15...

“It all started to fit in, be liked and be more social. I was worried about what others thought about me and wanted desperately to have friends. I was a shy girl who bought the BS alcohol and society was selling.

It was all a lie! It gave me a false sense of connection. I believed the only way I could socialize was to drink. It turned me into an empty shell of myself for many years.

Recovery gave me everything alcohol lIed about. I now have a love, respect and connection with myself I never had before. I now don’t worry if someone doesn’t like me, because I like me. Ive made heart felt connections with other women who see who I really am.

Ive found a contentment I never knew possible. Do I still have days I struggle, yes! Life is stressful and has it’s ups and down. I now react differently to those outside stressors. I no longer reach for alcohol to “relax” or...

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