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Quit Drinking Before you Hit Rock Bottom

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2019

It is Tuesday so I have to share this Transformation..

For me the biggest transformation I have had in my life was the day I chose to stop the madness and cycle of addiction.  I could of continued of course BUT I finally listened to my soul which it was telling me at 24 to stop. 

I didn't listen, obvi. I went thru 1,000 rock bottoms and it was finally time when I lost my cat for the second time and my then boyfriend was telling me "you can continue drinking but I'm not sticking around to continue this ride with you."

So at 29, I said I was done and that was my final rock bottom.

Are you wondering, do you need a rock bottom to quit drinking? 

The answer is simply, NO! 

You sure don't you can stop before shit gets worse. 

My friend Lori Massicot and Real Aligned Women partner sat down recently and discussed all of this on her podcast To 50 and Beyond!  We get real here.

At one point I had to say this is all coming from a place of love because I'm so...

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Health Is Wealth

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2019

Healthy Body Tips!

Do you ever feel like you don't know where to start with the whole wellness avenue? You have a pretty good idea but feels overwhelming? I did to when I first started on this path over 5 years ago. Remember guys I ate my feelings that first year of recovery. Once I got that foundation down, I then proceeded to move forward with my overall health, fitness and nutrition. Here is a list I put together for you to help narrow it down. Don't feel like you have to do all in one day, take it a day at a time. All these tips will also help you feel mentally better!

Here are 31 things you can do right now to make your life healthier..

1) Sleep 8 hours a night
2) Drink a shot of apple cider vinegar each day
3) Take 10 deep breaths in and out
4) Cut out soda, juice, sugar-sweetened drinks, diet soda
5) Stop eating at 7-8ishpm
6) Eat veggies for breakfast(spinach is great in an omelet)
7) Do 3 planks and hold them as long as possible
8. Increase your omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil, flax...

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Sober New Year's Eve

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2018

My first sober New Years Eve circa 2012 and only about 4.5 months into my recovery. That first year was was hard AF and I mean AS FUCK!

This picture came up on my memories and it instantly took me back to that night and those feels. I ate my feelings that evening, was ridden with anxiety, had FOMO, was sad I wasn’t drunk(yep), cried but also had a moment of clarity at dinner where I thought man this isn’t so bad and this is going to just be my new normal, life without dirty martinis and blackouts. I was a mess that evening cause NYE is one of my favorite holidays and I had to grieve how I once spent it doing the same thing for 10 years. Grieve it.. cry, yell, laugh, be angry! It’s a healthy process and one you must do, to let it go and embrace the new life that is at your door step.

I’m grateful for these memories cause it really makes you see how far you have come mentally.

It doesn’t matter what day it is, everyday is the perfect day to say NO to the...

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I would of been a Bridezilla

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2018

I got married 3 years and 2-ish months Sober and this day was amazing and more.

I always hear women say their wedding was the best day of their life. Mine wasn’t(god bless brides who love this shit but wedding planning and all that went with it made my right eye twitch for months) I mean, it was an amazing day and weekend in Savannah and I’m thrilled to be Mrs. Andersen! However, the best day of my life was the day I finally said enough was enough to the madness of my cycle of addiction with alcohol..8•18•12

I had many people ask me if I was going to toast with champagne at my wedding to you know, celebrate! Toasting with cola or a mocktail works just as well.

I had to keep reminding them of what would happen to me if I did drink.. I lose it all and would define the word BRIDEZILLA!! That is what many don’t understand, drinking is a fucking death sentence to people who are alcoholics. So one sip leads to a downward spiral of shame, numbness, isolation,...

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Real Aligned Women

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2018

Hi friends, I wanted to share with you about my lack of writing words for my blog. I have started to shift my focus on another project with helping women in Recovery along with starting a PODCAST! I will still blog, just won't be all the time. I really love podcasting and super excited about this form of expression.

I wanted to share this hear so for anyone who does follow this blog and is not connected with me on my social media platforms, you have this opportunity to know about it.

Two recovering alcoholics meet on instagram over 3 years ago, form a friendship, support one another, share their love of all things wellness, BRAVO, helping others and then form this RAW partnership.

My friend Lori and I, Recovery membership site is going awesome with being able to help and support women in recovery and even women you are still in active addiction wanting to get sober. We also launched our RAW podcast over a month ago and we are loving the amazing love and support we are receiving.


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Feel the Feels

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2018

Once you quit, things just don’t get better over night.

It’s a process, you have to do the work(whichever type is right for you) on yourself and trust the process of getting very uncomfortable with feelings. For so long we were afraid of feelings. They are not the end of the world.

Feelings are emotionally energy, not personality traits!! You may be stuck in a feeling for some time, I know when I got sober I was sad for the first year with some angry rage in there. I mean I was a dick but that’s all part of the are grieving.

In a matter of 6 weeks I quit drinking, lost my sweet Jerry and then quit smoking for her. Yes for her, if I didn’t make that promise to her I would still be smoking cigs today. For reals. That was a lot to lose at once and for some reading this you may think, what’s the big deal? But alcohol and cigs were my bestie, I was addicted to them and they were a shield of protection for me. That’s the story I created in...

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I was a Mess.

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2018

Funny thing about addiction.. it does not discriminate. Lots of people have told me when I tell them I’m a recovering alcoholic that they would of never guessed. White female, grew up middle class, well traveled and educated and I was a mess.

I know there are lots of people who question their relationship with alcohol. If you are questioning that, there mostly likely is. But that is not up for me to decide for you.

Even though I was not a daily drinker, I binged. I could go days without it but man oh man once it touched my lips..goodnight sweet Irene. I would be on a mission to get drunk AF for days and wouldn’t stop. I will say and want to make this loud to the world, you don’t have to drink every day to be an alcoholic. This is a HUGE stigma.

My life revolved around drinking. My fun revolved drinking. My relationships revolved around drinking. Drinking. Drinking. Drinking. It controlled me but the physical act of drinking again was not everyday. Fucking...

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Hangover Free Birthday!

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2018

Took some time off my blog but I'm back!!

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is waking up on and the day after your Birthday with ZERO hangover in sight! TO me this is part of the freedom train of recovery and choosing to live a life of sobriety.

For years in my addiction I spent legit every Birthday waking up on October 5th and the day after feeling like death. Ashamed of my actions, anxiety so bad I felt like I was going to die and the voice inside me that always said, "this year I'm going to control my drinking and not be such a pig!"

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

It took me a few Birthday's in recovery to mourn the loss of what my old Birthday's were and realize how going forward they would look.  It's been a good different, one without booze and ones that I control with whatever I feel like doing! To me that is the greatest gift I could give myself, year after year!

It's hard to believe some days that I have spent ALL of my thirties Sober, 6 straight...

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To50 and Beyond Podcast

Uncategorized May 11, 2018

A few weeks ago I totally stepped outside of my comfort zone and was asked by my sweet friend Lori to be on her podcast!! She is the cats meow and I just adore her. We met thru the Instagram recovery world and I’m so happy our worlds collided cause she is the best. Link is below! Wanted to share on my blog for those who follow here but not on my social media. Would love to hear your feedback.

Podcast Tuesday! How I LOVE this girl. If you don’t know Courtney, she is the founder of @sober.vibes and she is a recovery champion! In this episode we talk health and fitness, the night and event that happened to lead Courtney to getting sober, how she feels about her her coaching business and personal development, #the5secondrule, ending emotional eating, paying off debt, @daveramsey, and reality t.v. Courtney is honest, open, and shares her story in the most authentic way to help others and to let us all know #wearenotalone. I’m proud of her and SO thankful for her...

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Uncategorized Apr 05, 2018

This is what my active addiction looked liked.

When people tell you drugs and alcohol aren’t cool, believe them. Lots of cocaine and heavy nightly drinking during these years of my active addiction. I thought I was cool but I actually wasn’t. The best part about this picture is in fact around this time of my life I knew in the pit of my soul that one day I would be sober, I knew it was the alcohol that lead me to drugs and this depressing, lonely, chaotic, shameful life i was living. I knew I didn’t want to keep on this ride anymore but at the time I didn’t know how to get off. It would only take about another 4-5 years later of having a 100th rock bottom for me finally to say fucking enough already. Thank the universe I did, I won’t say I wish i did it early because things happen how they are suppose to. But I will say I am a lucky one to have escaped what addiction ultimately does to a person and that is death. It’s not dramatic, it’s...

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