The Ultimate Self-Care Day Checklist for Sober Women

mental health self-care & personal development sobriety tips Feb 10, 2022

Okay, friends, today I’m going to help you build your dream self-care day.

Recovery can feel like it’s taken over your life sometimes, and self-care is the best way to get back to basics. It could be making your bed, washing your face, or tidying up! Allowing your body to do the physical actions of care-taking can also help your brain get on board with self-love. Even though self-care sounds simple enough, many women still struggle with the basics. 

Now more than ever, the World is freakin’ stressed. It’s no surprise that self-care has fallen to the bottom of the list for even the most motivated people. 

Today, I’m not going to share a giant list of items for you to choose from. That would probably be overwhelming. Instead, I’m going to help you build a small list of go-to activities that you can rely on - based on how you’re feeling

In recovery, it’s so important to stay mindful of exactly how you’re feeling. 

Self-care is all about how it makes you feel afterward, right!? 

So, I need you to pick activities based on what you need. For each category, think of three things that could work for you and your life. 

Make a list and keep it somewhere accessible! 

Refreshed/New Start


  • Long shower with all the additional products.
  • Organize your calendar.
  • Get a new haircut or do a mani/pedi.

Loved/Cared For


  • Phone a friend.
  • Look through your favorite photos, keepsakes, notes.
  • Cuddle with someone you love or a pet. 



  • Turning your anxious thoughts into a list. 
  • Reading the blog of someone who inspires you.
  • Use Youtube to watch speakers, experts, and personal stories.
  • Read a personal development book.
  • Scroll away on Pinterest.



  • Stretching, yoga, grounding techniques
  • Organizing finances
  • Talking to a mentor, parent, or therapist.


Have you seen people make envelopes that say “open when you’re feeling ___” and give them to a loved one? This list you’ve made is a little like that! 

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to evolve! If you’re consistent with self-care, you’ll naturally find better ways to perfect your list. Embrace the hell out of that - it means you’re making progress. 


How I Can Help:

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I want you to feel sober NOT boring!

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