A Sober Women's Guide to Winter Wellness.

Jan 06, 2022

A Sober Women's Guide to Winter Wellness.

Do you find yourself going into hibernation mode as soon we start losing sunlight? It's easy to do! Living in Michigan gets next-level cold, and I'm often tempted by the "hanging in there" mentality. Keeping my mental and physical wellness on track is a massive part of my recovery. I know that I need to push myself a little extra to stay on track in the winter months. 

Today, I'm talking about the tips I use to protect my self-care from completely tanking just because it's gloomy outside! 

In this post, you'll learn: 

  1. Sunlight Substitutes 
  2. Thoughtful Nutrition
  3. Impactful Time Killers

Taking care of yourself can help you feel more in control of your recovery. So, this winter, I'm challenging you to embrace the empowering side of self-love. 


Sunlight Substitutions

  • To squeeze more natural sunlight into your life, change up your space! Try to eat lunch outside, move your desk near a window, or do an outdoor workout.
  • Invest in a sun lamp - they're known to soothe seasonal affective disorder and boost vitamin D. Plus, they look stunning anywhere in your home. 
  • Did you know light therapy exists? Do a quick search for light therapy in your area. If you've been stuck inside for far too long, this is the mini-vacation you need!


Thoughtful Nutrition for Winter Months

After cutting out alcohol, I got serious about my overall wellness. Now, having a well-balanced diet is the foundation of how I take care of my body. The best part is, it doesn't have to be overly complicated! 

To be sure I'm getting all the nutrients I need during the winter months, I use Organifi's extensive line of nourishing products on a daily basis. From immunity-boosting juices to yummy protein shakes, Organifi has quickly helped me step up my wellness game over the last year. Making it a part of my daily routine was so simple, and after feeling the benefits, I always look forward to sipping my gold chocolate! 

If you'd like to grab some Organifi products for yourself or the family, use this link and my code (SOBERVIBES) for 20% off just for being a part of the Sober Vibes community!


Be Intentional With Your Down Time. 

I'm all for Netflix and movie marathons when it's blizzarding outside. However, winter is the perfect season for intentional personal development! Do you have a part of your recovery, or something personal, that you'd like to improve? 

Make a plan to work on that during your snow days! Take some time to develop attainable goals for yourself. Write down the steps you can take to get there. Maybe you want to work on setting boundaries in your relationships or feeling comfortable being alcohol-free at events. 

Whatever the case may be, with some deep focus, you can make real progress - just in time for summer! 

If you don't have a personal goal to work on, try starting a passion project. You could go artsy or get involved with your community! The options are endless. As a recovery coach, I encourage my clients to start a passion project because it acts as a healthy distraction. 

Allow yourself to go wherever you feel the most joy. 

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