How to Add Structure to Your Life In Sobriety.

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One of the first tips you’ll get as a sober newbie is to pick up new hobbies and positively distract yourself. I know all too well that “finding new hobbies” is hugely daunting when your life has been centered around alcohol for months or years. Chances are, after years of numbing out, you might not know yourself very well. How can you find new hobbies when you don’t know yourself, right!?

You’ll hear about building a routine for every part of your day. Keeping ourselves busy often promotes the behavior we’re looking for. But again, having a “routine” has been glamorized by influencers, making it an intimidating task. 

So, how is one supposed to find new hobbies and build daily routines with all this pressure?

I suggest building a framework for yourself. Using the example below, you can shift your mindset to work with you instead of against you! 

WHAT: By framework, I mean a few flexible rules to live by that hold you accountable and keep you motivated. 

WHY: Setting a few rules for yourself can help you feel together, accomplished and confident. It will also help you get to know yourself. What you need, how you feel at certain times of the day, what stresses you out. You can adjust your rules as you go and find what works for you.

HOW: Think about what’s going great in your life and what could use extra attention. You’ll want to develop a framework that not only helps you improve but still support what’s already working. 


  1. I am someone who makes an active effort to use my journal for reflection, prompts, and creative activity.
  2. I am someone who cares for my wellness by getting enough sleep.
  3. I value my mental health, so I allow myself to rest when I feel personally burnt out. 

The phrases in my example are worded like affirmations, so you can repeat them as needed! Writing your goals as affirmations helps you embody them, making your goals a more vital force in your life. Writing and repeating your goals in this format enables you to build a personal framework or standards for living. 

If you want to work on the basics, this is how you do it! 

You can start with just one thing needing improvement and reinforce behaviors. Whatever feels right for you. Each day, you can make progress by allowing affirmations to guide you instead of being intimidated. As someone in recovery, you likely know how effective small changes can be over time! 

You can’t avoid starting somewhere

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