Sober Focus Coaching

Hosted by Courtney Andersen

Sober Focus is your on-demand hub for all emotional and physical sobriety topics designed to set sober-curious women up for long-term success, personal growth, and happiness. 

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Fourteen workshops with homework, challenges, book, and podcast recommendations.

Sobriety & Me

You will recieve exclusive access to a program I developed called Sobriety & Me - for free! You'll be able to work through this course on your own pace and ask any questions you might have. 

An emotionally holistic approach to sobriety

If you wanted to hire someone to be your drink police and remove alcohol whenever you pick it up - you could. But that won't solve the real problem. 

This program is for sober vets and newbies. The tools you'll learn here - you can use for life! No matter what day you're on, there is a spot for you here.

In Sober Focus, you will deal with what is causing you to reach for a drink. You achieve long-term sobriety by healing your past, working through your emotions, and learning to process hard times without alcohol. 

Topics we focus on will help you repair your relationship with yourself and brings you closer to personal freedom. No one wants to be controlled by addiction or dependency.

Sober Focus will be your first step in taking your life backand you won't be alone!

I want you to say, "I don't need it, seriously." 

Trust me, and this is possible for you - just like it was for me. 

Wanna be friends?

Sobriety can easily feel a little lonely. My goal is to build this community into a reliable, fun place to meet new sober friends.

If this is you, then you'll fit right in:

✔️ Sick of hangovers

✔️ Ready to ditch toxic relationships

✔️ Tired of not reaching your full potential

✔️ Over the endless bar drama

✔️ Wanting to be a better friend or partner

✔️ Ready to find more passion in life

Success Stories from Sober Women


"Working with Courtney I really liked the accountability and it felt like I was talking to a friend and zero judgment."


"I’m so happy about our time together and I think you’re amazing.  I’ve gained a ton of insight into how I operate and how to do things differently to avoid falling into drinking like a pig I wrote in my gratitude journal this morning so thank you again so much for those great little tools you sent me."


"Courtney encouraged me to value myself, put a pen to paper and start making lists and to learn to trust my gut. She zeroed in on what I needed to do very early and continued to reinforce through our time together. Courtney told me she believed in me and that was pure magic!"


"I am beyond grateful to Courtney and the Sober Focus group for helping me during my first 60 days of sobriety. Courtney has created a safe space for you to discuss the struggles that occur when you are beginning your journey of being sober or are starting to think about it. She is real, a good listener, and an amazing resource. Thank you, thank you, thank you Courtney and Sober Focus for standing by my side during this huge transition of my life and taking the stigma out of being alcohol-free. Sober not boring!!" 


and a few more...


"Courtney is real and so kind but real and tough too. A perfect coach mix-plus she makes me laugh and let's be honest, that's sometimes all we need when we're diving into new uncomfortable worlds."


"Sobriety can feel like a very isolated world. I had no idea what I was doing or how to be a successful recovering addict, but I did know that it was time to turn my life around before there was literally no life left to save. Then I found Courtney and she helped me navigate this overwhelming life transformation. Let’s face it, this shit isn’t fun. It’s hard. It may be the hardest thing you ever do but you don’t have to do it alone. I needed those daily check-ins; I needed the accountability and the motivation or I was certain I’d slip right back into that toxic behavior. Knowing I had someone that supported me wholeheartedly and wanted to truly see me succeed was life-changing. Truly. I looked forward to those hour-long weekly convos so much! Do not go at this alone, friends!"


"Thanks again for what you do! You and the community you have created have been the most influential factor in my journey!"

One Time Fee



  • 14 workshops and PDF homework
  • Sobriety & Me Program
  • Paired podcast with each month
  • Lifetime access to the program and any new workshops and updates

Get sober, find peace, and love your f*cking life!

You don't need to be perfect at something to start. You just have to want to start! I'm here to show you how sobriety is empowering, not a punishment.