How to maintain long-term Sobriety: Six tips to help you

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How to maintain long-term Sobriety:

Six tips to help you


According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, people who remain sober for one year have a 50% chance of relapsing after.  Why is that number so high? For many reasons, one I know is that choosing to live in long-term sobriety is continuous work. People in this space often say “You got to do the work.” And no truer words have been spoken.

We need more and more information and education from people with lived experiences when it comes to addiction recovery. Yes, science helps, but it doesn’t really tell you the “how to” like someone actually doing and living it.

In my ten and half years of sobriety from alcohol, I have learned and used a few tools that have helped me with long-term Sobriety that I would like to share with you today.

Here are six tips to help you with long-term Sobriety.

  1. One Day at A Time - Keep this journey simple by staying in today! I know it is easy to future trip, but it will just cause more anxiety and cause overwhelm. Living in today will give you confidence in what you can control in your own actions. Keep shooting for not drinking today.
  2. Supportive Circle - Make sure your circle is full of only supportive friends. Do they need to be sober? Not necessarily, but they need to support you on your recovery journey. If they’re not supportive of you getting clean and sober, then the bottom line is they’re not your friends, and it’s time to move on. Find yourself help with Twelve Step Programs, Therapy, a Sober Coach, or some Sober Community. Being around people who get it and get the struggle will only help you in the long run. It is a safe space, and lean into it.
  3. Protect Your Energy - A must! Stop giving away everything emotionally you have to people, places, and things. Protecting your energy will keep you sober. You will not feel so depleted after engagements that it’s going to trigger you to drink. Tighten up your boundaries by saying No, limiting interactions with soul suckers, and putting on your oxygen mask first.
  4. Let Go of Expectations - Throw them out the window!  Let go and watch how free you become.
  5. Meditation - Meditation has been a huge tool for me for the last seven years. Within the last four years, I started doing daily meditation to help with my anxiety and handle my reactive behavior. Reflecting inward will help you deal with feelings and help keep you calm. Meditation is key.
  6. Personal development - I cannot say enough good things about this one! With my recovery journey, I had to address rebuilding myself with healthier habits, building confidence, diving into finances, learning to be happier, and even reparenting myself. Many people I know who have long-term sobriety have dived deep into personal development. It helps, I promise.


Remember, when times get tough in sobriety, it’s never worse than the days you spent in your active relationship with alcohol. You can do it; I believe in you.

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Courtney Andersen is an Author, Host of the Sober Vibes Podcast, Founder of National Sober Day, and Sober Coach. She helps women quit drinking alcohol and thrive in Sobriety. She founded Sober Vibes in 2016, an online community for Sober and Sober curious women. Follow Sober Vibes on Instagram for daily motivation and support in your sobriety journey.

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