I was on the shame, guilt, hangover, anxiety-ridden roller coaster for a decade when it came to my addiction with alcohol...

 ...then I learned that I deserved to feel love and be loved...

 ...and that anything is possible in Sobriety!


I know that might sound like a pipe dream, but it's possible for you too. 

And I'm here to tell you, you don't have to walk this journey alone. When you work with me...

You get personalized 1:1 support and accountability with coaching calls and daily Voxer support, like having a sobriety coach in your back pocket at all times!

Just imagine how you'll feel when you...

  • have someone rooting for you 24/7.
  • have tools in place so that when you get an urge to drink, you know exactly what to do.
  • know how to eat well (while still enjoying foods you love) so that your body is taken care of nutritionally. 
  • understand how exercise  affects your sobriety and healthy things you can do to make movement a regular part of your day without feeling overwhelmed or obligated. 
  • have money to knock some things off your bucket list since you're no longer spending it on alcohol (or finally finish paying off that debt). 
  • get that promotion at work or make that job change you've always dreamed of. 
  • can enjoy an intimate relationship with your partner.
  • can enjoy parties, celebrations, and get-togethers alcohol-free while still having a good time. 
  • live a life that's fun and that you absolutely love living. 

"Courtney is real and so kind but real and tough too. A perfect coach mix-plus she makes me laugh and let's be honest, that's sometimes all we need when we're diving into new uncomfortable worlds."


Here's How Sobriety Coaching Works...

BEFORE: You've tried the "free" programs to help you quit drinking,  but it just didn't work for you or align with your beliefs. 

The cycle of shame, guilt, and your anxiety-ridden relationship with alcohol was stuck on repeat like a bad 80's power ballad. No matter what you've tried, you can't find the consistency to make an alcohol-free life stick.

You feel lonely in this journey, confused about how your life got here in the first place. Maybe you're even living a "dirty" secret. You have it all - the job, the house, the partner, the kids, all the "things" - but you're not happy.  You find comfort in wine like it's a cape to make all the problems go away but you know deep down it's just adding to it...

The good news? It doesn't have to stay this way...  


DURING: As a sober coach, I'm your biggest cheerleader day-in and day-out, your master secret sober weapon, if you will. Not only do you get daily Voxer access, you also get weekly coaching calls to help and empower you to make the best choices for your future.

You have access to my Sobriety + Me course, covering topics from mindset to guilt, from forgiveness to sex. Don't worry girl, I got you covered. We'll even work on a customized plan for your nutrition and fitness that actually fits you, because Lord knows the last thing you need is more rules to follow and more do's and don'ts. 

I've been where you are and I know how valuable it is to have someone walk the journey alongside you. I see the difference it makes for people that stay sober...and those who don't. 


AFTER: You wake up in the morning feeling refreshed...excited, even, for the day ahead. You reach for your morning water, grateful for another day. 

You begin your day with a few simple practices that get you off on the right foot. 

As you go throughout the day, you think about how much you've changed, how grateful for you are for a second stab at life...

And...at some point you realize you aren't dreading hanging out with friends after work. In fact, you're looking forward to it because you know that you've established good boundaries. You know your tools to stay sober. You have a new-found knowledge of your value and your worth. You know how to have a fun night out without alcohol. You no longer live in fear. You've learned to take back your power and it feels so good. 

Wondering What the Actual Value of Coaching Is?

Let's take a moment to think about costs...

Job loss due to drinking - What's your salary? Think of that money GONE.
DUIs - First offense $10,000+ with all the fees, like a lawyer, court costs, probation, etc.
Divorce - $15,000+ (average cost for attorney fees and court costs)
Health issues related to or worsened by alcohol...could be thousands of dollars of medical bills.
Monthly drinking cost - $400-800. If you go to the bar every day or on the weekends, your bar tab alone could be way more. 
Wanna know a juicy secret? Since I quit drinking I have saved over $85,000 dollars in almost 8 years. 
So if we do the math...the money you'd spend on alcohol will more than cover coaching plus some.

Now, ask yourself what kind of price tag you'd put on...

...decreased anxiety.
...decreased depression.
...a halt to the inner chaos that's become so familiar.
...an alcohol-free life.
...immense joy from other ways to have fun.
...clarity on who you are, why you're here, and where you're heading.
...deeper connections in relationships and friendships, perhaps even reconciliation with some.
...living intentionally.
...a healthier life with food and exercise, and a body you love and appreciate!
...creating mindfulness in all you do.
...more enjoyable sex life.
...inner peace.
...coping skills for a variety of situations. 
...the support from someone who's been there, assuring that you feel seen and heard. 

...to quote Mastercard, sobriety coaching is *priceless.*


I'm a Sober Coach, podcast host and YOUR personal sober cheerleader. I'm the Founder of National Sober Day (9/14), and the Founder of Sober Vibes, an online support community for recovery and sober-curious women of all ages.  
I'm a wife and cat mom to my little fur pants, Fiona.  I’m a lover of all Bravo shows, personal development, being in the flow, fall time in Pure Michigan, travel, the F word, sweet treats, being kind, and laughing every single chance I can. 
My favorite day of my life is August 18, 2012, because that is the day I finally stopped the madness of addiction and started to do some real LIVIN!


I'm proof that you can live a life without alcohol and thrive! You don't have to be bored. It doesn't have to feel hard. It doesn't have to be a struggle each and every day.

"I stuck with Courtney for the first 90 days of my sobriety where she helped me navigate through a new life that was scary, but also completely amazing. She helps keep you accountable when temptation seems to be everywhere. She also gently guides you through grief and discovery of your new life and the mourning of your old. She lets you know it's okay to have all the feelings that you're feeling and to be lost and confused. She's so supportive and holds you accountable which is amazing and something that you truly need. She also brings to light different aspects of your life that may have been hurting or struggling and guides you through those; like the new challenge of having money because you're not spending it all at the bar anymore. Without Courtney's program and support I don't know if I would have made it past my 90-day mark I can now say I'm over two and a half years sober and I have a great foundation for my sobriety because of her program. There's zero judgment...she just wants to support. Because she's been down this road she knows the pitfalls and is going to help you navigate around them. She has also thought of every little detail...With Courtney, you can feel how important sobriety is to her and understand her true passion to help people gain a better footing living a sober life."


Frequently Asked Questions

Look, I have nothing against AA sponsors and I know this helps a lot of people. But if you've ever felt like it's not enough or you've worked with a sponsor and feel like they don't give you a lot of their time...coaching might be right for you. 

Or maybe you're just feeling like you want to learn more about living outside the 12 steps? 

With coaching, you have daily support and accountability.

I believe in having a holistic approach to sobriety. There are things I will teach you about living outside in the world alcohol-free that aren't taught in the twelve steps.
I do offer a 7-day money back from sign up.  However, this is a commitment that you need to understand takes time.


One year from today, God-willing, you and I'll still be here on the planet. The question is, will anything in your life be significantly different?
 The answer: only if you do something significantly different.
Book a call so we can chat - maybe this is that new thing you need to do.
Much Love,

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