Ideas to Create A Good Routine in Early Sobriety

early recovery self-care & personal development sobriety tips Dec 08, 2022

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: creating a daily routine isn’t all that difficult.

In fact, you probably already have some routines in place that are so habitual, it’s more like second nature.
I’m talking about how when you get ready for work in the mornings, you always put your makeup on before your hair’s done, and you always grab a drink of water before you pour yourself a hot coffee in your tumbler & head out the house. In the evenings it’s always the same thing: kick your shoes off, change into your jammies, and flip on your favorite Netflix series.
Normal routine.


Now that you’ve quit drinking alcohol, you’re probably left with some gaps in your usual routines. 


I know surviving the first year of sobriety is full of learning how to deal with things like boredom and anxiety. Early sobriety, especially the first 30 days alcohol-free can feel like you’re doing everything to just survive. 


Instead of stewing in what feels like serious boredom, I encourage you to try creating a new life for yourself! 


One of the easiest ways to combat anxiety in early recovery is to start some healthy practices on a daily basis. 


Creating routines in your recovery is crazy important cuz it’s setting a good tone for your mind and usually your body, too. 

Having new routines is also important for early sobriety cuz in order to build this new life for yourself, you must focus not on tearing down the old but on building up the new. 

Creating your new routine doesn’t need to be EXTRA.

I don’t expect you to go out and win SOBER WOMAN OF THE YEAR.
It’s not even a thing, don’t burn yourself out trying.

Slowly but surely, continue to add in more healthy practices into your daily life and you’ll see the compounding results that make you a true badass.


Keep reading, you’ll find lots of ideas to add into your routine for the morning & the evening for the perfect sober routine.

Pick 2 or 3 to do in the AM and 2 or 3 to do in the PM and stack more healthy habits as you get more comfortable.


It’s nice waking up hangover-free, isn’t it? Some days it's easier than others to keep up this sober thing.
Here are some great ways to kick off your mornings to keep you in those good Sober Vibes all day! 


Keep your phone off for 20-30 mins before starting the day
Visualize your dreams & goals
Shower or wash your face
Stretch or take a morning walk or just boogie with your favorite song for 5 mins in the kitchen
Catch the sunrise (hint: easier in the winter months)
Pick out an outfit that makes you feel FIRE
Tidy up your space 
Take a moment to express gratitude


This is especially important to get clear on now that your nights are more open. Find a few things you enjoy doing that makes you forget you’re not drinking. 

You don't need to try to do all the things all at once. 
Try adding just 2 new things at a time into your nightly routine and see how they fit.


Find SOBER FRIENDLY TRAVEL or weekend activities
Tidy up
Watch a funny show or movie, or find a podcast you love
Enjoy the fucking sunset
Read an actual BOOK
Try a guided meditation
Include a non-alcoholic beverage like TEA or ORGANIFI 
Meal prep something you’ll enjoy all week
Scroll Pinterest or turn off electronics



Download the free workbook & design your own dream morning & night time routines!


I want you to feel sober NOT boring!

Kickstart your sobriety with my free 2-day video workshop series to master your sober mindset and have FUN in your sobriety journey!