Does Binge Drinking Mean You Have A Drinking Problem?

Sep 27, 2022

Back in my drinking days, I used to go on drinking binges every weekend. Drinking anything and everything. I might start out with a couple shots of whiskey, maybe a bottle of wine. Then I’d have more than my fair share of the 6 pack of beer in the fridge.

Sure I’d tried limiting myself, but the alcohol would always convince me to have just one more.
It’d be more fun if I did. I would be more fun, right?

It was normal that I would get so drunk that I’d have absolutely no recollection of most of my night. Once my husband, then boyfriend, told a hungover me that I had said horrible, messed up things to him that I couldn’t believe and definitely couldn’t remember.

It wasn’t the fun person I’d hoped alcohol turned me into. 


If you’re thinking about moderating your alcohol intake because of a recent weekend binge drinking rampage that left you questioning your whole life, then it’s time to get clear on whether or not your binge drinking means you have a drinking problem.


What is Binge Drinking?
Binge drinking is defined as 4 or more drinks in one occasion for women (5 or more for men). 

That means a single shot, a glass of wine, a beer, or a mixed drink. 


The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines binge drinking as a pattern of drinking alcohol that brings blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to 0.08 percent—or 0.08 grams of alcohol per deciliter—or higher. 

How many drinks do you usually have in one sitting?

Not sure how much of your usual drink counts as one drink? Check out this chart for a “standard drink comparison from Rethinking Drinking.

How many times do you drink alcohol in a week?

Are you making drinking 4+ drinks a regular habit? Is it a daily activity or do you prefer to save it all up for the weekends?

Do you identify with being a binge drinker?

You might be what’s called a ‘highly functional alcoholic’.

Though the term alcoholic is outdated. Through recent years of research and recovery treatment, it’s been determined that alcoholism is a medical condition recognized as Alcohol Use Disorder. It encompasses the conditions that some people refer to as alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, alcohol addiction, and the colloquial term, alcoholism. 

While you may not look like the stereotypical girl who has a drinking problem, your drinking is definitely holding you back from your full potential.  You might’ve excused your drinking episodes because you only do it on the weekend. But if you’re feeling the twinge of sober curiosity, I have a quick quiz for you!

Take the quiz to find out if you’re controlling alcohol or if alcohol is controlling you!


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