How Sober-Curious Women Are Crushing Sobriety In 2022.

early recovery sobriety tips Mar 01, 2022

Hey, sober-curious friends!

Wanna know what’s helping women ditch alcohol in 2022?

Well, there are three basic elements you need to push through your first thirty days of sobriety. You might face FOMO, cravings or triggers, loneliness, anger, and a list of other emotions - all perfectly normal and important to work through. 

To make things a little easier on you, I don’t suggest “white-knuckling it” on your own. While that can be helpful, you don’t want to do that forever! Sobriety can seriously be fun and an inspiring way to learn more about yourself. 

In early sobriety, it’s important to have: 

  1. A sense of community or a sober friend/mentor.
  2. Access to tools, resources, and “quit lit.”
  3. Space to grow, mess up and learn.

Let’s break this down, together.

A sense of community or a sober friend/mentor.

When you decide to cut out alcohol, it’s not uncommon that some lifestyle changes happen too. You might outgrow friends and social hangouts, leaving a lot of extra alone time. But that’s not a bad thing! It’s a sign you’re making progress and getting closer to what you really want in life. 

However, in recovery, we don’t always have to take things away. Adding in new support systems is a step you don’t want to forget! 

Check out your local alcohol-free community. You might be surprised at how many non-drinkers you can find. Making new friends who instantly get what you’re going through is like a breath of fresh air! If you’re having trouble in your area, the online community is massive and very welcoming. 

The Sober Vibes Instagram is here for daily inspiration. 

Access to tools, resources, and “quit lit.”

Don’t worry, there are more than enough free resources out there! Most importantly, you’ve got to find something that will actually work for you. A resource that you can feel comfortable using consistently. 

Dive into a memoir that feels like it could have been your own, or tune into a podcast that answers all your questions. 

In early sobriety, I also suggest using LIVED, the sober app that connects you with experiences and stories that you can personally relate to. Users have reported changed perspectives after working through LIVED courses, and I created one just for you! 

Click here to get started with my LIVED course. 

Space to grow, mess up and learn.

If you’re going to put in the work, make sure you’re set up for success. 

Ask yourself this, do you have too much on your plate? Imagine yourself as your favorite flower attempting to grow in the soil. You’ll want to have a clear space filled with everything you need to grow and nothing you don’t! No debris blocking your sunshine. 

To give yourself space, make sure you aren’t taking on too much just to keep yourself busy. Also, do an audit of your everyday environments and relationships. Give yourself room to explore, recover, and shine. 

Ready to Tackle Sobriety?

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