Drinking Alcohol is Stopping You From Reaching Your Full Potential

Sep 14, 2022

Here’s a thought: drinking booze is actually what’s keeping you from reaching your next-level self. 

Hear me out, you’ve thought about giving the bottle a break before, and you’ve probably tried moderating your alcohol intake, but you always fall back into your old ways of drinking too much and feeling the shame, guilt, depression, hangover cycle.


What if mastering the art of loving yourself enough to stop your sabotaging ways was the key that you’ve always needed to unlock your full potential? 


Still sober curious?

Let’s try a little visualization exercise. 

Let’s try to unlock that next-level version of you. 


First, you’ll close your eyes.

Then, Imagine yourself in the future, 5 years from now. 

What are you wearing? What does your home look like? Now imagine yourself waking up on an ordinary day. What does your morning routine look like? Is it the same that you have today? Is it different? Go through your work day. Are you doing the same work that you do currently? Have you been promoted? Gone full time in your own business? How do you feel going throughout your day? Now come back home. Who are you with? 


One of the most important questions to look at, does this future version of you still drink like you do today? 

Are you sitting down with a bottle or more at night? Do you start drinking as soon as you get home? Or are you skipping the drinking habit and replacing it with healthier alternatives?


Hold onto that vision.

I’m about to drop some truth bombs.


Let’s get real, drinking IS mentally draining.

Drinking alcohol is affecting your brain from the moment you start sipping.
There are serious repercussions to drinking way too much including blackouts and even alcohol overdose.


Drinking alcohol in excess is a recipe for mental health issues. 


Alcohol is linked to everything from depression, to anxiety, to psychosis, and even suicide.
And it’s no surprise since it basically takes over your brain and tries to shut it down. 


It’s also not great for your physical health either. 


Not only are you left with the morning after hangovers, but your body is ridding itself of the alcohol binge for days after you’ve drank. Your liver are working extra hard to process the toxins out, and pouring more alcohol on top of it makes for a poor immune system. 



Alcohol is loaded with calories. Doesn’t matter your poison. Beers, mixed drinks, even shots. If you’re having more than the recommended 1-2 drinks in moderation, you’re consuming several hundred calories per drink way too often. 

You’re drinking your precious calories! 

Mix in the late-night munchies, and you’ve got a less than tight bod. 


Believe it or not, but alcohol is affecting your sleep! Your tossing and turning is due to getting less REM sleep, you know that precious cycle where you’re actually deep sleeping.



Alcoholism is actually destroying your body more than just bad sleep and keeping you fat. Alcohol is actually causing your bones to thin and deteriorate. On top of decreasing bone formation & increase in bone breakdown, it’s also causing you to have less muscle, too. Basically, alcohol causes your body to produce less of the chemical you need to increase your muscles. 


Back to your higher self...

Now thinking about your best self, the one who is crushing her goals, the one who looks amazing and confident, is she still letting alcohol sabotage her from the inside out?

I didn't think so.


If you’re ready to step into sobriety and out of just sober curiosity, there is SERIOUSLY no time like the present to kiss alcohol goodbye! 



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