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10 Reasons To Get Sober This Fall

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2021


Are you still trying to find a reason to pursue your sober-curious dreams? 

Let me be the first to tell you that the grass is definitely greener on this side.

I’ve got 10 reasons for you to take the sober plunge today! 

  1. No more headaches, hangovers, or dates with your toilet. 
  2. No more “sorry I can’t make it today” texts. 
  3. Gaining confidence through taking care of yourself. 
  4. Working through past trauma, you didn’t even know you had and finding peace. 
  5. No more disappointing family and friends. 
  6. No more wondering if you’re a bad person (heads up, it’s the booze, not you). 
  7. Meeting sober friends who “get it” is the best feeling in the world. You’re not alone. 
  8. Developing new skills and hobbies with sober free time. 
  9. Finding new passions in life that aren’t dulled by alcohol. 
  10. No more post-drinking depression. 

Now, I know you can likely relate to more than one of these. 

This is your moment to make a change! 

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