Techniques For Finding Success And Positive Change with Mike Diamond

early recovery mental health self-care & personal development sober vibes podcast May 18, 2023

Episode 130: Techniques For Finding Success And Positive Change with Mike Diamond

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Here’s a glance at this episode...

In episode 130 of the Sober Vibes podcast, host Courtney Andersen welcomes Mike Diamond to the show. They discuss techniques for finding success and positive change in one's life. Mike also shares his story of addiction and recovery. 

 Mike Diamond is an author, television personality, director, life coach, and interventionist.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Mike's story 
  • Techniques to use for finding success and positive change
  • A Dose Of Positivity 
  • The STAMP method


0:00:31   Interview with Mike Diamond: Techniques for Staying Grounded, Finding Success in Creative Positive Change

0:02:54   Recounting a Journey to Sobriety: A Conversation with [Name]

0:04:59   Heading: Reflection on a Moment of Clarity that Led to Sobriety

0:06:33   "The Power of Self-Reflection: A Conversation with Noah about Taking Responsibility for His Choices"

0:10:38   Conversation on Addiction and Manipulation: A Reflection with Robert Downey Jr.

0:12:23   Heading: The Power of Addiction and the Search for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins

0:14:24   Conversation on Sobriety and Post-Traumatic Growth

0:17:23   Interview with Author and Mental Health Advocate, Dr. Toni Harris

0:19:08   Conversation with Mike Diamond on Writing, Editing, and Finding Purpose

0:24:30   Conversation on Writing a Book: The Benefits of Doing the Work and the Rule of Thirds

0:26:04   Conversation on Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

0:29:36   "Morning Routine for Mental Clarity and Physical Well-Being"

0:32:11   "Managing Emotions Through Fasting and Breathing Techniques"

0:37:23   "The Power of Gratitude: How to Overcome Anger and Take Control of Your Emotions"

0:39:16   "The Benefits of Exact Nature's CBD Products for Sobriety and Recovery"

0:41:41   "The Benefits of Soberlink's Remote Alcohol Monitoring System for Rebuilding Trust and Strengthening Sobriety"

0:45:38   Conversation on Breaking Generational Trauma and Addiction

0:47:34   Heading: The Benefits of Setting Boundaries and Being a Good Role Model for Children

0:49:13   Conversation on Living Life to the Fullest and Being Kind to Others

0:50:55   "The Power of Kindness: How Doing Something Nice for Someone Else Can Help You"

0:54:43   "The Flaws of the Education System: A Conversation on How to Inspire and Encourage Potential"

0:56:16   Conversation with Interventionist Jeff VanVonderen on the Impact of Reality TV

1:00:14   Conversation on Exploitation of Addicts and The Real Housewives

1:02:02   Conversation with Mike Diamond on Addiction Recovery and Support

1:05:13   Heading: Conversation with Mike Diamond on Mental Health and Seeking Help

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Fix

Exact Nature, use code SV20



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