Staying Sober: Thinking Ahead for Long Term Benefits

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Episode 126:Staying Sober: Thinking Ahead for Long Term Benefits"

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Courtney Andersen talks about their experiences with alcoholism and how they used to think that they weren't hurting anybody by drinking and blacking out and that it wasn't that bad. The speaker acknowledges that they respect people's privacy but doesn't understand why alcoholism and addiction are still treated as something to be hushed. She argues that there should be no shame in discussing our experiences with the disease and that it is 2023. They note that the consequences of their actions were not always catastrophic and that sometimes they were alone, and nobody knew what had happened.

She discusses the dangers of drinking and how it can have a negative impact on one's life in the long run, even if it doesn't seem like it now. Courtney mentions how drinking can affect one's health, relationships, job performance, and even children. She emphasizes that even though it might not be noticeable now, the consequences of drinking can compound and lead to more severe issues in the future. She also points out that when someone is not feeling well, their health is the one thing they want the most. Therefore, drinking should be avoided if possible.

0:00:31   Episode 126: Understanding the Long Game of Alcohol Addiction

0:03:02   Topic: The Impact of Alcoholism and Addiction on Mental Health

0:04:35   "The Compound Effects of Alcohol Abuse: How Your Drinking Habits Today Can Impact Your Health and Relationships in the Future"

0:09:51   The Impact of Alcohol Abuse on Health and Relationships

0:12:14   "Rebuilding Trust and Accountability in Sobriety"

0:17:28   "The Benefits of Sobriety: Learning from Relapses and Listening to Your Intuition"

0:21:36   "The Impact of Alcohol on Your Life"


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The Fix

Exact Nature, use code SV20



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