Addressing Alcohol's Deceptive Influence

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Episode 152: Addressing Alcohol's Deceptive Influence

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In episode 152 of the Sober Vibes podcast, Courtney Andersen discusses alcohol's deceptive influence. This conversation stemmed from a recent Instagram post. Courtney shares that alcohol is a highly addictive substance and has been marketed to you for relaxation, fun, and even parenting and that it's not your fault for waking up one day with a massive drinking problem. She then talks about how taking accountability down the road comes next, but something that will not come naturally right on day one, and that is okay!

What you will learn in this episode:

  •  Alcohol is a highly addictive substance 
  • Marketing of alcohol 
  • You are not going to take accountability right on day one
  • Anyone can get caught in a drinking  problem 


0.0 Alcohol's deceptive influence


Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Fix

Exact Nature, use code SV20

Next Level Sober Support Self-Guided


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