Fall Inspired Mocktail Recipes You Won't Want to Miss

mocktails Aug 03, 2021

Fall Inspired Mocktail Recipes You Won't Want to Miss.

As the seasons change, so do my mocktail ingredients! 

Making drinks at home is a way for me to be creative and make a treat for myself. Just because you’re sober or cutting back doesn’t mean you can’t have that fancy drink with dinner. 

These mocktail recipes are inspired by the cozy fall season. You’re sure to find a new favorite with this lineup. 

If you make one of these, tag me on Instagram so I can see! I love to see other sober women getting creative with mocktails. 

Hot drinks

  1. Cozy Tea Toddy

This mocktail has immune-boosting spices! Perfect for if you’re feeling a little under the weather. Plus, the recipe makes eight servings, so you can save to warm up later. 

  1. Hot Not Toddy

Another tea-based classic. You can make this one for yourself and even share with the kids!

  1. Zero-Proof Hot Buttered Rum

This recipe is described as a “buttery spice fueled drink -  so delicious and comforting.” It has all the traditional flavors you’re looking for! The recipe calls for a rum extract, and I suggest using this totally alcohol-free option

Sweet tooth favorites

  1. Non-Alcoholic Egg Nog

Serving around 14-16, this recipe is perfect for a holiday party (no, not just Christmas). And because it’s totally alcohol-free, anyone can enjoy it! The level of sweet and spice is perfectly balanced in The Zero Proof’s recipe.

  1. Peppermint Mocha Mocktini

Okay, so this one combines two of my favorite things. Coffee and chocolate! It’s like a mix of peppermint hot chocolate and an espresso martini. All the sweetness without the hangover! Basically the perfect holiday dessert drink. 


  1. Winter Sangria

I love a good sangria, and this one fits right in with the season. Rich with antioxidants, this recipe features elderberry and pomegranate. Elderberry is known to have loads of health benefits! The pear and apple additions make this a home run. 

  1. Cranberry Sangria

This cranberry sangria features mint, making it super fresh tasting. Perfect for sharing! Taste’s recipe makes four large servings.


  1. Rosewater Lemonade

Sometimes during the fall months, I like to have something refreshing like lemonade when I’m sick of all the Michigan snow. This recipe feature’s rosewater and is perfect for turning gloomy days into feeling like sunshine. 

  1. Classic Non-Alcoholic Gin Martini

Lastly, you’ll thank me for this one! This article is basically a guide to making the perfect non-alcoholic martini. There are three different options to choose from in this guide. Plus, they provide all the education you’ll need to make it just like a true bartender. 

I hope you’ll enjoy these recipes and share them with friends and family! 

Making mocktails can also be a fun group activity with friends or kids. Each time you make one, you can feel proud of yourself for making progress on your sober journey by saying no to booze. 

You can still have fun even though you’re staying clear of alcohol. I’m willing to bet, even more fun than you would if you weren’t! 

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