Yes, You Will Think About Drinking Again

early recovery sober vibes podcast sobriety tips Aug 05, 2022

Yes, You Will Think About Drinking Again


You might’ve caught my mini-episode on the Sober Vibes podcast -  “thinking about drinking.” 

Whether you’re long-term sober or sober-curious, thinking about drinking is unavoidable. 

I recorded the mini-episode as a reminder that these thoughts are normal and they shouldn’t keep you stuck in fear mode. 

For example, if you want to get sober but don’t know how you’ll avoid wine at a scheduled wedding next year, you’re thinking TOO FAR ahead! Truthfully, no one knows who they’ll be next year or five years from now. When we grow and heal from trauma, we evolve. 

If you make the decision to quit drinking now, you will show up to that wedding as a new person. So don’t try and make decisions for your future self. Show up for yourself right now and allow the future to take its course!

In recovery, we say “one step at a time” for a reason. 

Thinking about drinking often brings fear

Fear that’s rooted in doubt, lack of confidence, and being scared of “the unknown.” 

Here is how you can stop that fear in its tracks:

  1. Do instead of say: think about how much better it feels to clean something versus talking about needing to clean. Action makes us feel good. 
  2. Affirmations: write down a few specific affirmations that will work for you when these fear-based thoughts arise and say them out loud. Say them until you feel the stress and anxiousness fade (it will). 

Many women start drinking at an early age. In fact, a Columbia University study found that “underage drinkers account for 11.4% of all of the alcohol consumed in the U.S.” Also, because it’s so normalized in social society, anyone living a dry life will have to face unwelcome thoughts about alcohol. 

But when we feel empowered by sobriety, we can disregard any intruder thoughts sent to mess us up (AKA thoughts provoked by a trigger or unavoidable situation). 

What’s the difference between not drinking and empowered sobriety? 

Well, clients of mine who embrace long-term sobriety work on creating a life they love

They’re willing to be vulnerable, face hard truths, and dedicate time to emotional sobriety. 

The act of not drinking is often the first step, followed by a journey of personal healing and development. In my first couple of years of sobriety, I thought about alcohol a lot! I often wondered when those thoughts would go away or get better. 

And I’m so happy to tell you that it does get better with consistency, action, and self-love. 

Listen to the full mini-episode right here

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I hope this post helps you feel more prepared to tackle thinking about drinking. 


Remember, you are not alone.

I want you to feel sober NOT boring!

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