Thrive in Your First 90 Days of Sobriety (3 Methods).

early recovery sobriety tips May 12, 2023
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Whether you’re sober-curious and trying to quit drinking for the first time or starting your day count back to one, the first three months are critical.

It’s a time when we can face doubt and triggers without comfortably knowing how to handle it.

In other words, it’s challenging! 

But that doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of making the change you want to see in your life. 
In this post, I’m sharing three things you can do in the first 90 days of sobriety to help you avoid relapse and thrive in your healing journey.

Embrace Connection

In recovery, many will change their lifestyle to support better decisions and calmer surroundings. That behavioral change will leave you with extra time in your week, and it’s best not to fill it with overthinking! 

Let’s say you decide to stay in on a Friday night and not drink. While you’re trying to enjoy the night, any kind of connection will be more helpful to you than experiencing FOMO. And luckily for you, there are plenty of easy ways to do this. 

How to embrace connection in sobriety:

  • search for in-person and online opportunities to connect with alcohol-free people in your city/state.
  • search for virtual alcohol recovery support groups (meetings, chat groups, communities).
  • listen to sobriety and recovery podcasters.
  • read memoirs, novels, and blogs about alcohol recovery.
  • watch videos of recovery stories and advice on YouTube.
  • talk to a trusted friend or family member.
  • listen to music.

Connection tips:

  • you don’t need a massive network, just a few supportive friends (quality > quantity).
  • be open to learning and being vulnerable in safe spaces. 
  • ask questions!


One Day at a Time

In the first three months, stay focused on the short term

Thinking about forever can be an intimidating, overwhelming idea in early sobriety. 

There’s no need to think about if you’ll drink at a wedding that’s a year away.

Or how people’s opinions of you might change. 

Take things one day at a time and be patient with yourself!

Trust that your instincts to quit drinking are right. To help you stay focused, write down your “why” in a place you’ll see it every day. 

You can also stay in the moment by not comparing yourself to others. Know that your day 23 will not be the same as someone else’s day 155.

When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or thinking of giving up, just remember all you have to do is stay sober today


Emotional Sobriety

Physical sobriety is the physical act of not drinking alcohol. 

Emotional sobriety is about learning to handle negative feelings that can cause a spiral by developing a healthy mindset. 

To maintain long-term sobriety, you’ll want to get a handle on both of these things to develop a personal strategy for success. 

The thoughts and behaviors you develop in addiction will take a while to un-learn, but doing so will prevent relapse and lead you to empowered sobriety. 

So, how can you embrace emotional sobriety in the first three months?

  • practice living in the moment.
  • fight the urge to run from feelings.
  • practice having a gratitude mindset.
  • try not to be reactive.
  • be mindful to learn about yourself.
  • develop habits to keep you happy/healthy.

As a sober coach, I often work with women in the relapse cycle.

And there's no one way to get yourself out! 

There is only your way


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