Methods to Strengthen Your Self-Care Routine in 2023

early recovery self-care & personal development Jul 14, 2023
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If you follow me, you’ve likely been practicing self-care for a while!

Whether you’re new to focusing on self-care or looking to refresh your habits, I have a few ideas that will step up your routine.

Summer is a blessing because of days on the water and vitamin D, but it can also be a triggering or craving-heavy time for sober folks, much like the holiday season. 

 So, let this be a reminder to take good care of yourself this summer! 

Here are 5 methods to improve your self-care routine: 


Re-Evaluate Your Routine


Think of what you’ve been doing so far to care for yourself - physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. 

Consider what’s working well for you and what needs improvement. 

Self-care is more than a checklist you save on Pinterest - it’s about the support your mind and body need to survive and live happily. 

To discover what activities and tools need to be part of your routine, take time to monitor your feelings, emotions, energy levels, etc. 

Using a journal in this process can be helpful, even just jotting down notes. 


Try New Resources


If you’re struggling in a particular area of self-care, such as sleep or skincare, introducing a new resource or product can help. As always, before investing in any wellness product or program, conduct your own research to feel confident in your decision. 

New Resource Ideas

  • Group meetings
  • Aromatherapy
  • Nature walks
  • Coaching calls
  • CBD
  • Books or Guides

Recently, I chatted with Thomas White, the founder of Exact Nature CBD, about the major benefits of cannabidiol, especially in recovery. Thomas and his son are dedicated to helping those in addiction recovery have a smoother ride. This is why Exact Nature created CBD products designed to calm addictive cravings

I’ve been using CBD in my recovery routine for years, and I genuinely appreciate what it does for my mental and physical health. 

Want to learn more? Read my blog post about the 4 Relieving Benefits of Using CBD for Alcohol Recovery

Ready to chill with CBD? Click here to Use code SV20 at Exact Nature for 20% off your order! 


Meditation or Mindfulness


Self-care is different for everyone, but learning to be mindful or meditate can take time.

If these things don’t come naturally to you, that’s okay!

The most important part is believing that you’re capable - if you have that, you’ll find your way. 

As I’ve said before, practicing mindfulness daily helps you learn about yourself, experience personal growth, find answers to questions, and more. 

It can also help you build an impactful self-care routine.

The better you know yourself, the more helpful your routine will be. 

When you stay mindful, you can grow and develop your routine faster


Eat Whole Foods


To care for your body and overall wellness, try eating more whole foods! 

Eating whole foods simply means eating foods that aren’t processed like fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.

This type of diet will help you get more of the nutrients you need. 

Planning meals ahead of time can take away some of the “stress” of cooking. 

Stick to simple ingredients and don’t overcomplicate things for yourself.

When you consider food to be the fuel you need to chase your dreams, it’s easier to want to eat right. 


Volunteer Time


Sometimes, we take care of ourselves by taking care of others

Mayo Clinic reports that volunteering helps us feel a sense of purpose, can improve mental and physical health, teaches valuable skills, and more. 

Look for local opportunities to help someone in need. 

When I volunteer, I feel connected to my community and reminded of just how complex the human experience is. I learn lessons from others and even make new friends on occasion. If you aren’t volunteering yet, think about how you can help! 


I hope this gives you an idea of how you can improve your self-care routine this month.

If you have more questions or want to chat, reach out to me!

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It’s important to note - the research on using CBD for Alcohol Use Disorder is still limited at this point, but is gaining traction with promising results. 

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Consult with your primary physician before making any changes to your regular routine. This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you purchase with these links at no additional cost to you

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