How CBD can help in Your Sobriety and Recovery Journey with Thomas White

early recovery mental health sober vibes podcast Apr 27, 2023

Episode 127: How CBD can help in Your Sobriety and Recovery Journey with Thomas White

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Courtney Andersen, the host of the Sober Vibes podcast, is joined by guest Thomas White, founder and president of Exact Nature, a CBD company geared towards people in recovery and sobriety. Thomas shares how he has used CBD oil for the past four to five years to help with depression after prescription medications no longer worked for him. Courtney shares her own experiences with CBD in her sobriety and recovery and explains the benefits of CBD as part of a holistic path. 

0:00:31   Interview with Thomas White, Founder and President of Exact Nature CBD Company

0:03:13   Conversation with Thomas: 14 Years of Sobriety and the Journey to Get There

0:05:10   Heading: Learning to Live Sober: A Conversation on Relapse and Recovery with 14 Years of Sobriety 

0:06:48   Conversation with Thomas White, Founder of Exact Nature, on Sobriety and Overcoming Addiction

0:08:35   Heading: Reflections on Sobriety: A Conversation with a Male in Recovery

0:12:59   Conversation with Thomas about seeing Live Music Performances

0:15:21   Heading: Experiencing Live Music Sober: A Conversation on Overcoming Anxiety and Enjoying Concerts

0:16:57   Heading: Exploring the Benefits of CBD for Addiction Recovery

0:18:30   Heading: Exact Nature: Helping People Get Sober and Thrive with All-Natural CBD Products

0:20:30   Exploring the Benefits of CBD for Addiction Recovery with Exact Nature Founder

0:27:44   Exploring the Benefits of CBD for People in Recovery from Alcoholism

0:30:15   The Benefits of CBD for Mental Wellness and Sobriety

0:34:00   "Exploring the Benefits of CBD for Sobriety with Thomas from Exact Nature"

0:35:58   Heading: Conversation with Thomas from CBD Two on Natural Products for Sobriety and Recovery


Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Fix

Exact Nature, use code SV20



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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Consult with your primary physician before making any changes to your regular routine. 

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