Aug 14, 2021


August 18th, 2021, I celebrated nine years of sobriety!

I love this day and think that you should celebrate your sobriety celebrate everyday!

Every year I am humbled on this day. 

To see where my life was to where my life is now is a complete 180.  

The one change I made to my life compounded into the life I have always wanted.

As each year passes, I continue to learn and grow as a person.  I love it.

Even in the year 2021, when the world has been so heavy, I remained SOBER. 

So to celebrate sobriety and in the hopes of spreading it further, I wanted to share my top nine tips with you that have helped me in my recovery journey this far.

This journey is not comfortable, but one that is so worth it. 

Here are 9 tips to stay sober for my 9th sobriety birthday!

  1. One Day At A Time - Keep this journey simply by staying in today! I know it's easy to future trip, but it will just cause more anxiety.  Live in today.
  2. Supportive Circle - Make sure your circle is full of only supportive friends. Do they need to be sober? Not necessarily, but they do need to support you on your road to recovery. If they’re not supportive of you getting clean and sober, then bottom line, they’re not your friends, and it’s time to move on. Find yourself help with Twelve Step Programs, Therapy, or a coach! Sober Focus is a great place to start if you are looking for help and want me to coach you along the way.
  3. Protect Your Energy - A must! For more about protecting your energy, listen to Episode 64 of the Sober Vibes Podcast.  Mindi shares ways to protect your energy.
  4. Let Go of Expectations - Throw them out the window! You will thank me later, and you really have to trust in yourself that you are making the best decision for yourself and how your journey pans out is how it's supposed to. 
  5. Meditation - For the last 6 years, I’ve been meditating. Within the last three years, I’ve started doing daily meditation to help with my anxiety and handle my reactive behavior. Reflecting inward on yourself will help you deal with feelings and help keep you calm.
  6. Personal development - I can’t say enough good things about this one! With my own recovery journey, I had to address healthier habits with finances, learning to be a happier person, stuff in my business. So you don’t have to focus on other people’s memoirs of addiction. You can break the monotony and explore any areas that you want to grow within yourself. 
  7.  Be the Hero of Your Own Journey- YES you! You can do hard things, and people can't be your recovery.  You need to do what works best for you on this path.  
  8. Drink Water- Hydrate! When you are hydrated, you overall feel better, so drink up.
  9. Rest- Rest and rest some more.  If you are tired, especially in early Sobriety, the best thing you can do is rest your body.  Your body needs to heal from the years of damage you have brought onto it with drugs and alcohol.


I hope these tips help you with your Journey! 

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