15 Things To Do Instead of Drinking Alcohol +Free Calendar

Apr 03, 2021

Whether you’re newly sober, sober curious, or been at this whole sober thing for a while now, sometimes you find yourself just plain bored without alcohol filling in the gaps. Instead of thinking about drinking again, I’ve got the perfect list of things to do instead of having a drink filled with regret.

I dare you to try everything on this list! Find the one that brings you the most joy and repeat!

    1. Go for a walk
      Exercise is super important in early recovery, but it’s also an easy way to feel great in a jiffy! Grab a friend, your dog, or enjoy the outdoors by yourself and just get walking.
    2. Journal
      Starting a sobriety journal is pretty common and I highly recommend it to get through the tough days! Some ideas to get you started: gratitude list, perfect morning routine, triggers
    3. Meditate
      Meditation is one of my top tips for staying sober over the last 8 years. It’s one of the best ways to get inside your own head and become the master of your thoughts.
    4. Try a mocktail
      No one said you have to drink boring drinks now that you’re sober. In fact, there’s many non-alcoholic twists to some of your favorite traditional cocktails. 
    5. Exercise
      This is a great time to find a new workout routine that gets you feeling those endorphins releasing.
    6. Watch a movie
      Nothing like a good 2 hours in front of a big screen, even if it’s just the one in your living room!
    7. Start a business/side hustle
      There’s loads of ways to make money online in 2021, why not research biz ideas you could try? There’s something for pretty much everyone from blogging, to podcasting, to virtual assisting, or even direct sales.
    8. Find a new hobby
      Fill in your newly found time with a new hobby to get your creative juices flowing. You could try painting, woodworking, learning a new instrument, crocheting, couponing, or volunteering.

    9. Explore Pinterest for sobriety motivation quotes
      While there’s loads of ideas to find on Pinterest, I love searching on there for motivational sobriety quotes to use as my phone background and daily mantras. 
    10. Listen to a new podcast
      There’s a podcast out there for everyone, seriously! Whether you’re the chick who gets a kick from true murder stories, or you’re looking for something more motivational, podcasts are a great free way to get some entertainment. Check out my podcast Sober Vibes for some recovery inspiration!
    11. Practice affirmations
      This is part of my daily routine and I encourage you to add it to yours, too. Reciting affirmations/mantras will help you get in the right mindset to stay sober.
    12. Go to bed earlier
      Or take a nap! Why not get some much-needed Z’s instead of doing nothing?
    13. Declutter
      It doesn’t have to be spring to do some spring cleaning! Now is a great time to go through your stuff and find anything you don’t use anymore. Toss, donate, or keep accordingly.
    14. Check out the local bookstore
      I love going to used bookstores to find jewels for a good bargain. Whether you want to hit up the Half Priced Books or the big Barnes & Nobles, it’s a great place to find a book to get your mind in a better place. 
    15. Find a sober community
      You don’t have to be in AA to stay sober, but having a supportive sober community is equally as important! There are loads of them out there to choose from, some free, some not. If you’re a woman in any stage of recovery, I’d love to see you around my free FB group: SOBER VIBES.

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