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You Can Have Fun Sober!

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2017

It's totally norImal to be scared that first year of sobriety!! I was scared shitless..for reals. Don't ever think or feel like it's silly for thinking these thoughts because it's not!! We end of relying on such a powerful drug to help us deal with feelings, I was told and shown growing up that life was FUN when you had cocktails. So it's know surprise I turned to alcohol for everything!! 

I didn't know how life was going to continue on without that drink at birthdays, concerts, holidays, weddings, funerals, family gatherings, brunch, cookouts, engagements, hanging out with friends, spring, summer, fall, winter or even having sex without being hammered..truth! Oh yes, how many of us have only been able to have sex hammered??? 
But guess what?!?! Life does go on and it gets better and a lot more "fun".  You just have to be patient with the recovery process, put in the work with yourself and know all these "Life events" are actually better without the booze. I remember so much now with these important life events and just LIFE in general. I know longer wake up thinking "what songs did they play at the show" or "how the fuck did get home" My world isn't revolved around when I'm going to have my next drink..seriously that thought consumed me for so many years. It's nice to be free of that awful feeling of wanting something every hour of every day.  

4 years, 8 months and 8 days without alcohol and I have yet to regret that decision I made on 8/18/12!! There is a whole world out there that is full of help and there is nothing wrong in asking for it. 


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