Sober Vibes Feature! Congrats Rebecca!

Jun 06, 2020

Sober Vibes Feature

Here is the fantastic Rebecca sending the Sober Vibes since 4/4/11...

“Every day I wake up, I now have a choice of how I am going to live. In my active drinking career, I did not. I believe we all know the story of how it happens. Our stories are the fuel to our drinking, and when we get done telling the story of why we need to drink, we can then rewrite the story to how we no longer need to drink. For this to happen, we must realize the problem. My problem was alcohol and the incomprehensible demoralization that followed every time I drank. Towards the end, it was just downright U G L Y!

One day, my solution becomes the problem, and that problem led me to the solution-getting sober and entering into recovery. Eventually, after a few twenty-four hours, I found that I did not have to feel bad anymore. I found a group of like-minded people that showed me how to “live off the booze” and put the broken pieces of my life back together. I then became available to show up for my life and the lives of my children.

I now have a life of serenity. Yes, storms still come, and we are in one right now, but like Maya Angelou says, “Every storm runs out of the rain.” This was true about my past experiences with childhood trauma and addiction, as well as embracing self-love and self-acceptance. I had to learn what life was all about as I gained a new perspective on how far I have come from where I started.
For me, anything is possible when I am sober. On the days that I have blurred spiritual vision, I go easy on myself and remember that this is a one-day-at-a-time process. Progress, not perfection, is written on my bathroom mirror. I have to be patient with the parts of me that are still healing and learning to grow along spiritual lines as I trudge the happy road to destiny!”

Amazing. Keep kicking ass and inspiring others.

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