Sober Vibes Feature! Congrats Jen!

Jun 06, 2020

Sober Vibes Feature

Here is the fantastic Jen sending the Sober Vibes since 5/1/11...

I will always share the truth of my addiction story because there is an umbrella of silence hanging above those of us recovering from drug use, and we do not need to be ashamed!
But today, my heart feels called to talk about my recovery story!
I want to tell you how each morning I get to wake up in my bed and when the sun peeks through the window... there’s no more fear of not knowing how I will survive another day.
My body is no longer covered in abscesses, the track marks have mostly faded away, and as I look down at my hands, they aren’t swollen, dirty, and numb.
I have teeth in my smile and life in my eyes, and when I walk past a mirror, I am still in awe that the woman I see is me...
I have taken back the pen to my life, the power of my voice, and demanded my body be returned to me. My heart is full of love, my life is blessed with friends, and as I write this, I have these two incredible little people playing at my feet... who call me mommy.
I never thought this life was possible for someone like me because I always believed I was worth so much less than everyone else.
And even though so fucking much has changed for me over these last nine years, my real value as a human being has always been the same.
I have always been worthy of life, love, respect, and protection. I just didn’t know it.
My entire life, I was conditioned to believe it was safer to be numb and caged than to allow my true self to be seen. Today I celebrate the woman I was born to be.
And this woman... she is free!”

You rule, keep inspiring and kicking ass in your recovery!

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