Sober Vibes Feature! Congrats Hannah!

Feb 17, 2020

Here is the beautiful Hannah sending the sober since 12/31/18...

“365 days. To you, that may be a number. To me, it is everything. It’s the day my life started over. It’s a second chance. It’s a reminder that I am enough.

It’s the day I chose ME.

Recovery: It’s hard.

It’s a constant looming in the back of my head. It’s going to rehab, taking what I learned and using it. It’s a choice I make every time I get paid. It’s a right turn into my therapist’s office instead of a left turn towards my old dealer. It’s another person removed from my life. It’s reaching out to those who can help. It’s every moment of everyday kind of thing. Recovery: It’s the best. It’s a fresh start every morning. It’s cuddling my baby instead of sitting alone on the bathroom floor. It’s taking my grandma out to lunch. It’s working with people I love. It’s watching The Office with my sisters. It’s going to my brother’s soccer games. It’s becoming a mom. It's present. It’s freedom.

So today, let’s celebrate.”

Congrats to you! Keep inspiring and kicking ass in your recovery.!!

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