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Sober Vibes Feature! Congrats Christy.

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2020

Here is the beautiful Christy sending the Sober Vibes since..1/20/2018!

“Since quitting drinking two years ago, I knew my life would get better. I didn’t realize how much. It’s truly been amazing. I damaged so many relationships when I was drinking, especially my family. I never showed up on time, and when I did, it was in my state. It’s not that I didn’t care. I was such a slave to my disease and the bottle. Having removed that component, I’ve been showing up, even on-time, and I’m able to be present with my family and closest friends. I’m living my life with sobriety above everything else because if I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t have family, friends, or work. It works if you work it. The steps show through your actions. You get to live the promises. One day at a time.”

A slave to the bottle, so true! Congrats on your sobriety. Keep kicking ass and inspiring others along the way.

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