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Real Aligned Women

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2018

Hi friends, I wanted to share with you about my lack of writing words for my blog. I have started to shift my focus on another project with helping women in Recovery along with starting a PODCAST! I will still blog, just won't be all the time. I really love podcasting and super excited about this form of expression.

I wanted to share this hear so for anyone who does follow this blog and is not connected with me on my social media platforms, you have this opportunity to know about it.

Two recovering alcoholics meet on instagram over 3 years ago, form a friendship, support one another, share their love of all things wellness, BRAVO, helping others and then form this RAW partnership.

My friend Lori and I, Recovery membership site is going awesome with being able to help and support women in recovery and even women you are still in active addiction wanting to get sober. We also launched our RAW podcast over a month ago and we are loving the amazing love and support we are receiving.

Check out some reviews, it brings such joy to us to hear from the ladies we are walking along with them on their journey.

Our Sober sisterhood site is called RAW which means Real Aligned Women. Our mission.. Women united through recovery and wellness to live a healthy kickass life on their terms; no apology needed. Each month we host 2 coaching calls, 1 special guest call, all things recovery, wellness, mindfulness and any help you need.

Please feel free to comment or email me if there are any topics you want us to talk about on our podcast.

We don’t hold back, wether you agree or not we discuss the topic.

LINK IS below, to listen to our podcast or visit our community..Use “soberholiday” code at checkout to receive 20% off your first month.

Beautiful friendships and opportunities come out of recovery and we are so grateful for all of your support.

That is my partner above and her incredible transformation of 5 years sober!!

We do recover, so don't ever let anyone tell you differently!!




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