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National Sober Day - Here's How YOU Can Celebrate!

Uncategorized Aug 03, 2021

National Sober Day - Here's How YOU Can Celebrate!

National Sober Day falls on September 14th, but we all know that sober is worth celebrating each day! National Sober Day gives us a day to celebrate nationwide with others fighting the same battle. 

This day encourages sober and non-sober people to celebrate those around them living in sobriety. This day also lands right in the middle of National Recovery Month. It’s important to be loud and proud during this month. Through community walks, seminars, documentaries, and rallies, Americans push for change and advocate for those in recovery.

So, how can you celebrate and advocate in your own way? 

Today, as the founder of this national holiday, I'm going to give you TEN ways you can celebrate National Sober Day!

  • Share your story.


Sharing your story is more powerful than you might think. Somewhere out there, there is likely someone that follows you, knowing that you’re sober. Sharing your story can inspire others to take that leap of faith for themselves. 

Plus, sharing is good for you too! Being recognized for our accomplishments gives us renewed hope and can boost confidence. In sobriety, it can be tough to feel proud all the time. Sometimes a little reminder from your social community is just what you need! 


  • Gather friends. 


Get your friends together for a booze-free celebration. Celebrate your sobriety, friendships, and group accomplishments. I’m sure your support system has been there for you, and those strong friendships are worth celebrating. 


  • Journal about your recovery experience.


Take a moment to reflect on your recovery! Write down your top 5 sober wins or favorite moments. Save this so you can look at it whenever you need a reminder.


  • Make mocktails. 


Get fun and creative with some festive mocktails! Playing bartender is so much fun by yourself or with friends and family. Think of your favorite flavors, and then search for recipes. You might find your new fav!


  • Volunteer your time.


Take an hour or so of your time on National Sober Day to help others in need. Search around online for volunteer opportunities in your area. There is always an organization or community that could use your help. You can even share your story while you’re there and inspire a fellow sober person while you’re there. 


  • Read quit lit. 


With so many incredible books on recovery out there, you could actually spend your whole day reading! If you don’t feel like focusing on yourself, this is the perfect way to celebrate in a low-key way.


  • Getaway for the day.


Take off and immerse yourself in nature for today. The tough part is usually getting yourself to go, I know. But once you’re out hiking, swimming, or picnicking, you know, you’ll feel the gratitude that being in nature produces. Sometimes, seeing how beautiful this Earth really is can push you to keep going!


  • Donate to a worthy cause.


Another way to help others on National Sober Day is through donating! The best thing you can do is donate locally. Find centers in your community that are in need and check to see if they’re accepting donations!


  • Make a gratitude list. 


As someone in recovery, I like to stay mindful about what I’m grateful for. Today is the perfect day to make a list of what you’re grateful for in recovery. Plus, if you feel comfortable, you can share it online as well!


  • Say thank you. 


Lastly, something we should all do, thank the people who’ve helped you become the person you are today. I know that some of these thank you’s are apparent without saying it out loud. But take it from me, the people who are supporting you love to know that their support is appreciated!


Feel free to share on social media how you will celebrate the day and use #nationalsoberday in your post! I love reading through all the ways people celebrate and share their sobriety.  Make sure to tag @sober.vibes on Instagram.


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