My Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beer

Dec 06, 2020

I get asked a lot if I support Mocktails and Non-Alcoholic Beers and if I drink them. 

The answer and YES and YES.

I believe you have to figure out if drinking NA's and Mocktails is something you can handle. I was told my first year of my Sobriety I shouldn't drink NA beer because it would cause me to relapse, and I'm still sober for 8.5 years. 

I enjoyed them if I went out and was social, and I found no harm in them for ME.

Now you are maybe a different and Non Alcoholic beer, and Mocktails can trigger you, and if they don't drink them, only you can decide!

My most favorite Non-Alcoholic Beer is WellBeing Brewing.

I'm obsessed with the Coffee Cream Brew and their CBD water. 

Check them out and receive your discount with code SOBERVIBES10 at checkout.

When it comes to the road of Sobriety and Recovery, you must find what works for you!


Want to figure out your Sobriety Triggers? Take my quiz!

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