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Kiss Me I'm Sober

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2019

💚☘️ KISS me I’m SOBER💚☘️

In my first two years of recovery, I went through a lot of emotions, and being angry at Alcohol was one of them and any holiday associated with it. Totes standard if you feel some rage towards it. It has/had/did/still destroy so many of our lives, but we also continued/continue to ruin our lives by continuing the cycle.

After grieving the life I once had and waking up to my new routine, I did see that I could no longer be a judgmental prick towards it.

We live in a booze-filled culture, and it’s our job to figure out how we are going to live in it. From restaurants, gas stations, t-shirts at Target being marketed towards young women to the stuff sitting in cabinets at our homes. It’s everywhere.

I went back to bartending to get out of my miserable 9-5 and start pursuing my entrepreneurial dream. Also going back for me meant not FEARING alcohol. It’s in my hands four days a week, and I don’t ever have a moment of wanting to use — different strokes for different folks. Many people told me not to go back cause it would trigger me. Many people told me never to drink an NA beer cause it would trigger me, but it hasn’t.

It’s on you to decide what you can and can’t handle.

Not everyone has drinking problems, many have healthy relationships with booze, and some like to rep swag from alcohol companies when given to them(thank you miller lite for the glasses and my new Fannie pack that I will be repping in my shifts) I am a sober bartender, and I see ALL of it but it’s not on me to pass judgment on others and assume just because they are drinking or like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day means they have a raging problem because I did.

Do you feel?!?

Super Soul Sober Sunday feel coming at you hot!




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