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I would of been a Bridezilla

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2018

I got married 3 years and 2-ish months Sober and this day was amazing and more.

I always hear women say their wedding was the best day of their life. Mine wasn’t(god bless brides who love this shit but wedding planning and all that went with it made my right eye twitch for months) I mean, it was an amazing day and weekend in Savannah and I’m thrilled to be Mrs. Andersen! However, the best day of my life was the day I finally said enough was enough to the madness of my cycle of addiction with alcohol..8•18•12

I had many people ask me if I was going to toast with champagne at my wedding to you know, celebrate! Toasting with cola or a mocktail works just as well.

I had to keep reminding them of what would happen to me if I did drink.. I lose it all and would define the word BRIDEZILLA!! That is what many don’t understand, drinking is a fucking death sentence to people who are alcoholics. So one sip leads to a downward spiral of shame, numbness, isolation, guilt, fucked up behavior, blackouts, sleeping with people you have zero clue who their names are, waking up in jail, waking up in a hospital bed and the list goes on!

Why must we always celebrate with alcohol?? That is the fucked up way we are programmed to think because the booze is in our society and here to stay. I’ve made peace with that but have you accepted the fact that alcohol destroys people’s lives just as much as it helps?? Again, this is for people who have problems with alcohol not those who don’t. I don’t judge people who drink cause that is not my place but why do I get more questions asked of why I don’t drink?

Just changing the conversation y’all one post at a time.

I just really love this picture, that dress, those flowers, that day, that town, the people who made the day possible, our family, our friends and those CLEAR, VIVID memories that will live on forever in my mind and heart.

Don't ever give up for any occasion!!




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