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I am enough.

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2019

Being a child of the eighties, I grew up with the constant media telling and showing you that the Supermodel look is what you should strive for, Crawford, Campbell, McPherson, Schiffer and then rolling into the nineties with the heroin sheik look.

Well, I fell into that trap of believing that’s what it took to feel beautiful, loved and enough. As someone who has always struggled with weight issues since I was a little girl, I did gain a huge complex. At one point of time in my early twenties, I would work out an hour a day and eat one meal a day because I thought that’s what it took to feel pretty, loved and good enough at a cool 120 pounds.

Now I say at 36 years old, fuck you to the media and instilling all those years of what pretty should be(which they still do to this day) but I know better now because I’ve put work into myself and to gain my own independence of what “pretty” means. For me, 150 pounds eating 3 huge meals(clean Whole Foods)a day with my snack, having baby abs starting to pop out, being mentally strong and gaining upper body strength is HOT AF and I will catwalk all the way downstairs listening to some FREEDOM by George Michael to eat my oatmeal, apple, and yogurt with some honey on all of it.

Here is what the media never told us growing up.. you will never look like Cindy Crawford because you are not her. You are you and that is the most precious gift of ALL. You have your own makeup and there is no duplicating that into another person. Own it and stop comparing cause that shit is a thief.

My #wcw goes to all the girls out there who have felt like this and have struggled with weight their entire lives and never felt good enough because you didn’t weigh 115 pounds.




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