How to Include Functional Beverages in Your Sober Routine

Sep 19, 2022

 How to Include Functional Beverages in Your Sober Routine

As alcohol-free cocktails become standard in restaurants worldwide, the word “mocktail” is being replaced left and right because it doesn’t feel accurate. A cocktail is a cocktail, with or without alcohol. No mocking is necessary, right? Well, that’s the approach taken by Curious Elixirs, one of the most popular mindful cocktail brands and the Sober Vibes podcast September sponsor! 

One of the words replacing mocktail is “functional beverage.” For a long time, Red Bull sat comfortably on the majority of this market. But now, due to the sober curious movement, Americans continued focus on health, and Gen Z drinking less, there is a functional beverage for just about every need. That includes energy, sleep, physical recovery, gut health, digestion, stress relief, focusing better, etc. 

What is a Functional Beverage?

A functional beverage is one that works for your body instead of against it. Usually, they’re marketed for their ingredients and flavor. A functional beverage often includes antioxidants, adaptogens, essential vitamins, probiotics, electrolytes, and so much more, not to mention delicious natural flavors! 

Functional beverages are actually the fastest-growing market in the food sector!

When Can You Drink a Functional Beverage? 

Truly any time of day. I suggest shopping and drinking based on the benefits you’re looking for. For those of us in alcohol recovery, the ritual of drinking something can be a touchy subject. Chances are, your beverage routine was drastically disrupted when you got sober. Probably for the better, right? 

But If you want to include more sips in your routine that are fun and hangover-free, functional beverages are the perfect place to start. 

Ways to Include a Functional Beverage in Your Sober Routine: 

In the morning - this is a great time to focus on drinks that have multi-faceted health benefits.

Nighttime cocktail - who would’ve thought that your nightcap could be tasty and non-toxic? This is why I love curious elixirs! 

Pre or post-workout - skip the sugary energy drink to hydrate and replenish with something your body will love and thank you for later.

Bring to a party - it’s 2022, and you can find an alternative for any traditional alcoholic drink. You can also find drink options unique to the sober experience - meant to be uplifting and anxiety-reducing!

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