3 Tips to help you push through Alcohol Cravings

Mar 19, 2020

Hey Friend!

I get what it's like to get stuck in alcohol cravings. 

The itch is what I like to call it.  In my first two years of Sobriety, I had cravings a lot.  It's normal because I spent a decade in a toxic love affair with alcohol.

Here are my 3 Tips to help you push through alcohol cravings.

1) Do something else.

When the craving hits, don't just sit in it the thoughts of it.  First, except this is normal, and DO NOT beat yourself up about it. Second, DO something.  Take action and start doing something during this time.  Cravings are around 7 minutes. So perfect time to distract yourself with journaling, exercise, drink some hot tea/water, color, and or read.  Tons of options to distract yourself during that time.

2) Remember your why.

When the craving hits, again, except the thought and remember, it's healthy! Then remember why you are choosing a life without alcohol.  Rember where alcohol leads you and where you never want to go back too! IT helps, believe me, I connect to my why every Sunday to remember that alcohol will always lead me to the same result.  I'm 7.5 years sober and been using this practice since giving up alcohol.  It has helped me this far.

3) Find support.

When the alcohol craving hits, reaching out for support is a beautiful thing.  The opposite of addiction is connection.  Reach out and ask your support system to chat and just let them know you have this craving, and you want to talk it out.  Ask your support system to walk you through why you are choosing not to drink.  There is never any shame for asking for help.

3 Tips to help you push through Alcohol Cravings Video!


I hope this helps you on your journey!


Massive Love, 



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