There is beauty in the bottom.

It's time to start LIVIN a life without it.

-Courtney Andersen

Would I like to go back to this young lady and tell her to stop drinking at this time before it all got so dark. Of course but going back wouldn’t have changed a thing. I wouldn’t have listened and most likely told myself to “f&@k off and that I wasn't hurting anyone” which was not the case. I hurt family, friends, opportunities but most of all I hurt myself in my active addiction.

I always felt so alone and SO ashamed of myself constantly because my actions during addiction. From waking up in jail, hospitals and even in strangers beds, always wondering how did I get here because I had zero clue. With 1,000 rock bottoms, I finally said yes to living a life without alcohol. My soul was ready. If you are struggling and are ready to take the step of choosing a sober life today, I am here for you. Its not easy, some days are HARD AF, but my hardest days in recovery have nothing on my best days in addiction. 

I celebrate over 6.5 years Sober and can say today, that I no longer desire a life with alcohol in it. My sober life is one of freedom and it is the best gift I give myself every day. 

Pick your Recovery Plan

We will design a plan together to build you a solid foundation in your own recovery.

1:1 Coaching

1, 2, 3 month packages available.

Each Package includes:


Daily Check In

Voxer access - Sunday thru Saturday

Weekly scheduled 60 minute accountability video/phone calls

Weekly email inspiration, guidebooks

Nutrition/fitness guides

Packages are designed around what you need during this time

We will walk through this time and transition in your life together! All packages are modified to fit with what works best for you and your needs.

"Courtney is real and so kind but real and tough too. A perfect coach mix-plus she makes me laugh and lets be honest that's sometimes all we need when we're diving into new uncomfortable worlds." — Sara

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